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The Black Shield of Falworth
(The coat of arms in the film was The Black Shield and Scarlet Griffin of Falworth)
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The Black Shield of Falworth 1954 was the second of five films Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh appeared in together during their marriage between June 5th, 1951 to June 1962
Torin Thatcher co-starred previously with both Curtis & Leigh in 1953's "Houdini"
      Torin Thatcher                Barbara Rush           Patrick O'Neal    Herbert Marshall
David Farrar       Rhys Williams   Dan O'Herlihy     Craig Hill


Myles Falworth Tony Curtis
Lady Anne Janet Leigh
Gilbert Blunt, Earl of Alban David Farrar
Meg Falworth Barbara Rush
William, Earl of Mackworth Herbert Marshall
Sir James Torin Thatcher
Prince Hal of Wales Daniel O'Herlihy
Walter Blunt Patrick O'Neal
Francis Gascoyne Craig Hill
King Henry IV Ian Keith
Dame Ellen Doris Lloyd
Diccon Bowman Rhys Williams
Friar Edward Leonard Mudie
Count de Vermois Maurice Marsac
Sir Robert Leo Britt
Squire Giles Charles Fitz Simons
Squire Peter Gary Montgomery
Sir George Claud Allister
Roger Ingoldsby Robin Camp


Screenplay by Oscar Brodney (Based on the novel Men of Iron by Howard Pyle)
Color by Technicolor
Technicolor Color Consultant Monroe W. Burbank
Director of Photography Irving Glassberg
Art Direction by Alexander Golitzen & Richard H. Riedel
Set Directions Russell A. Gausman & Oliver Emert
Sound Leslie I. Carey & Joe Lapis
Second Unit Director James Curtis Havens
Film Editor Ted J. Kent
Costumes Rosemary Odell
Hair Styles Joan St. Oegger
Make Up Bud Westmore
Assistant Director Tom Shaw
Director of Photography Irving Glassberg
Music Supervision by Joseph Gershenson
Original Music Composed by Hans  J. Salter
Produced by Robert Arthur & Melville Tucker
Directed by Rudolph Maté

Produced & Released by Universal International
Format Release

Unofficial or Uncredited Facts

Robert F. Hoy Stunt Doubled for Tony Curtis

Reynold Brown Poster Artist


Running Time: 99 minutes

Rated PG

Set in olde England during the reign of King Henry IV is the story of Myles Falworth son of a knight of the realm who's entire family has been sentenced to death.

In the opening Myles and his sister Meg live in Crosbey-Dale overseen by their father's faithful friend Diccon Bowman.  Neither has any idea they are of noble blood nor why they were learned in the art of the reading and the writing.  The Earl of Alban, a known tyrannt, and his hunting party approach the small hut where our trio reside thristing from their hunt.
A year hence Friar Edward and Diccon had planned to send Meg and Myles to Macworth castle.  Enroute, the Lady Anne is racing horseback with Walter Blunt and cries out for assistance to win the race.  Unwittingly and unerringly, Myles springs to her rescue, thus begins an ill wind between Myles and Blunt that will worse through out the film.  
Men of Iron by Howard Pyle

Read "Men of Iron" online click the image below.

In the books Symbolisms of Heraldry, The Griffin is described as - Sets forth the property of a valorous soldier whose magnanimity is such that he will dare all dangers, and even death itself, rather than become captive. The words on the Falworth coat of arms are "Pedus" & "Audax"

  In Memorium   

Claud Allister - Sir George 1888 - 1970
Robert Arthur (Feder) - Producer 1909 - 1986
Monroe W. Burbank - Color Consultant 1907 - 1992
Leslie I. Carey - Sound 1895 - 1984
Oliver Emert - Set Directions 1902 - 1975
David Farrar - Earl of Alban 1908 - 1995
Charles B. Fitzsimons - Squire Giles 1924 - 2001
Russell A. Gausman - Set Directions 1892 - 1962
Joseph Gershenson - Music Supervision 1904 - 1988
Irving Glassberg - Director of Photography 1906 -1958
James C. Havens - Second Unit Director 1902 - 1990
Ian Keith - King Henry IV 1899 - 1960
Ted J. Kent - Film Editor 1901 - 1986
Joe Lapis - 1899 - 1991
Janet Leigh - Lady Anne 1927 - 2004
Doris Llyod - Dame Ellen 1896 - 1968
Herbert Marshall - Earl of Mackworth 1890 - 1966
Rudolph "Rudy" Maté (Rudolf Matheh) - Director 1898 - 1964
Leonard Mundi - Friar Edward 1883 - 1965
Patrick O'Neal - Walter Blunt 1927 - 1994
Richard H. Riedel - Art Direction 1904 -1960
Hans J. Salter - Music Composer 1896 - 1994
Torin Thatcher - Sir James 1905 - 1981
Budd Westmore - Make Up 1918 - 1973
Rhys Williams - Diccon Bowman 1897 - 1969

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Tis's not a book of Hearldry the like of which Myles gazeth upon, however I do pray thee enter thine name upon the rolls of Macworth Castle.

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